Aloha Friday- How do you motivate yourself?

Kailani over at An Island Life started this fun thing for Fridays-  ask a simple question and then hop around to see what others are asking so we can pretty much take a break from the routine and chillax on Fridays.
As you can tell I've been a little tooooooo lax lately with the blog etc even though the holidays are now officially over (the 6th was the 12th day of Christmas) so there really is NO excuse for being in slow mo-  well except for the dang cold...  It's freakin' freezing here in Arkansas.

This is NOT my question but someone on tv or something mentioned Bumf*ck Egypt and Dev had never heard it before and it got us wondering where/how that originated as the classic middle of no freakin' where place-  any trivia buffs know the answer?

So my question is:  How do you motivate yourself when you just want to hibernate or find things I *need* to do around the house (or play on Facebook) etc?  We totally got off track due to family drama (which is NOT the kind of drama queens we are, tyvm) and the holidays and I am just not wanting to get back into the swing of things.

For me-  I give myself permission to get by with the *if this doesn't get done we won't eat or have anything to wear* and set a deadline to get back into the swing of things.  My deadline is Monday which- if I haven't gotten some reviews and giveaways and dropped some EC by then feel free to kick my butt.

The reason I don't just do them now and get over myself is that if I do whatever I do will be half-*ssed at best and that's not fair to anyone- better to wait until I can get myself into gear and give my best.
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