Win a Cook's Ham for the Holidays

We are so excited to be partnering with Cook's Ham for our next giveaway.

A lot of families make Ham for their Christmas Dinner- and I could lie and tell you that we do as well, but to be quite frank since my beloved Grinch eats Rare Who Roast Beast, we do too!  What can I say, we're suckers for the green guy.

We do, however have one with our Christmas Eve brunch.  We go to Ken's moms (along with the WHOLE CREW- trust me when I tell you there are tons of us-  a minimum of 40, max???) early Christmas Eve so no-one has to choose sides for who to spend the holiday with-  isn't that the greatest idea?  I thought so too.  We all wish each other merry, have a lovely brunch with everyone bringing their specialties and then exchange gifts and still have time for last minute shopping before getting on with our own celebrations.

Ken used to get a ham from work as his Christmas bonus so we'd take that up- here's our recipe- and even when they stopped with the bonuses everyone counted on us to bring the ham as one of our offerings.

I'll be honest with you-  I was given a coupon for the Cook's Ham of my choice and I was going to cook and  review it along with the giveaway, but they are so big and lovely that I am going to save it to show off share with the extended family before doing the review-  you will get a lot more opinions that way, too.  So really, I'm doing it as a service to our readers and not for selfish reasons at all.  I'm altruistic like that.  ;-)

Being the generous folks that they are, we also received a coupon to give to one of our readers for any Cook's Ham, up to a $30. value.

By the way, this is my personal opinion-  we used to just get whatever ham was on sale thinking they were all the same- boy, was that thinking off.  Nowadays, I wait for a good sale, manager's special or near end-date markdown to buy a quality ham such as Cook's.  *** Check after the holiday to stock up as they will often be sold for a really great price if the market overbought.***  It really does make all the difference, and while you can tell it in everything, if  you make beans or soups with the bone you can REALLY taste the difference.  I don't particularly care for most bean dishes but if we use the bone from a really good ham I love them.

THE GIVEAWAY: One lucky reader will win a coupon for a Cook's Ham of their choice, up to $30, which will really help with the grocery budget-  they are so large that unless you are feeding an army you will be able to get several meals worth of leftovers -  a few that come to mind are:  easy cheesy scalloped potatoes with ham & broccoli, red beans and rice (aka heart-attack on a plate), 15 bean soup, ham and cheese quiche... you get the idea.  US only, 18+ ends 12/15 at 11:59pm CST so I can get the coupon off in time for your holiday meal.

Main Entry:
Head on over to Cook's Ham and tell me which recipe you might like to try if you win.  One main entry per person.

Bonus Entries:

Post in the comments (or on your blog and leave a link) your favorite recipe(s) that use ham.  Unlimited entries.

Tell me about your worst holiday cooking disaster-  did you leave the gross stuff in the turkey when you cooked it? *raises hand*  Did you drop the roast and wipe it off and serve it to guests anyways?  *whistles innocently*  Did the idiot dog grab the meat for your bbq and run off and you had to beg, borrow and steal and send someone to the store so you could feed your family?  Inquiring minds want to know that we aren't the only screw-ups in the kitchen.  It can't be worse than blondie blowing up the oven, so spill already.  Oh, and then head over here for video tips on making the perfect holiday ham.  One entry.

Want more?  The main entry is all you need for a chance to win, but you can find out how to get additional entries into our giveaways here.
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