Plasma car review

We received  a Plasma Car from Plasmart for review, and it is the best "airplane" ever! We gave it to Ian for his birthday and it was a huuuge hit! It takes a little bit to get used to it, Devii is the best at driving it, and Ian mostly scoots or sits in our laps for it. He also likes to push us from behind, we glide like its nothing so that's fun. It is sturdy, and can hold up to 220 pounds on a smooth, flat surface (120 on a rough surface).

The web site is useful, and they have tutorial videos and such to help you figure it out.

Things I love as a mom; It is completely boy-powered. No batteries, no pushing, no plugs... he makes it go. This is exercise and energy expending, and I love that! I hate refilling batteries, Ian hates waiting for things to charge... and frankly, its just better to let him go on his own once in a while. Its not as fast or, well, wobbly as a bike, so I don't have to worry about him getting hurt so much, either. As of yet we have not had a plasma car incident, knock on wood. I would like to point out-- I have no doubt someone will get hurt on it, if only to trip on it, eventually. That's just us. The fact that we haven't is proof that this is a rather safe toy.

I think the only "complaint" I could see, this could be frustrating to figure out if he was a little older and cared about doing it right. If your kid is easily frustrated, perhaps show them the video first. Once you "get" it, its fairly easy, but, well... I still go backwards.
It's fun anyways...
Seeing where I've been and all...
Yeah, I'm not coordinated. But that's, eh... user error.

We received a product to review but no additional compensation for our true and honest opinion(s) which were in no way influenced but are our actual thoughts.
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