Hey sissy- remember the ex-lax incident? Funny Christmas memory

I'm telling here, but that's okay- Toods, you gotta luffs me anyways!!! and send Coach accessories.

***Remember as you are reading this- she's 3 years younger and was just a little girl when this happened.***

So I was entering a giveaway (it's what I do) and you had to comment with a favorite holiday memory. Here's one of mine.  I was a kid and my *job* was to help mama wrap presents, including my own that weren't marked as to content- mom would put our initials in the corner of the box so I would know who to make the tag out to. I never once peeked, to me that ruins the whole thing. (My little sissy did peek, she was the nosiest thing, she NEVER got that job.)

Anyways we were up late since we had gone shopping til the stores closed then came home to wrap. We used to spread out on the dining room floor to have plenty of room. It used to take forever, I had to make them just right with nary a wrinkle or crinkle and perfect seams. I used to annoy the heck out of my brother and sister too because I would make them put the tinsel on one. strand. at. a. time. and do-over when they were too close.

(Boy have times changed, now mama helps me when she's here because she is wicked fast and I am not such a perfectionist- 4 kids and an illness will that to you.) ;-)

So, hours past bedtime and someone keeps going in and out of the bathroom- enough that mom went to investigate.

T had really bad diarrhea and mom thought she was really sick.Sometime in the wee hours I guess she had had enough and thought mommy could fix it because she confessed to eating the box of chocolate flavored ex-lax in the medicine cabinet.

She really loved her sweets and I guess it was just too tempting and didn't taste too horrible.

God that poor kid, I didn't know anyone had that much poop in them and this was before all the soothing tp's or tissues, although we did have the beloved, bespectacled Mr. Whipple pleading with us to "Please, don't squeeze the Charmin".

I'm sure she had the sorest hiney from wiping and wiping. We felt soooooo bad for her but now, it is the funniest dang memory... and I really hope the memory mellowed enough for her to be able to laugh about it because I really do need a new purse. :PLOVE YOU SISSY O' MINE!!!!!

What is your favorite holiday memory, funny or not?
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