Daddy got coal for Christmas!

One year, when I was just a tiny thing, my daddy got coal for Christmas.

I didn't see the events that lead to it, but my big sister did. Dad had been working Christmas Eve, and Dawn, mom and I had already hung stockings, left cookies, fudge and milk, carrots for the reindeer and our notes for Santa, and we were supposed to be asleep. Dawn heard noises in the kitchen, and sneak, sneak, sneak... Thats not Santa!

"No!!! Daddy, those are for Santa! Don't eat Santa's fudge!"

Dad had eaten Santa's snacks. All of them. Every last cookie, every piece of fudge, it was gone! Dawnie woke mommy up and she made a fresh batch of each, just for Santa.  Good thing too, we got really good presents that year.

And daddy? He got a small stocking full of coal.
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