Craptacular week- sorry, we'll catch up soon.

I owe my sponsors and readers a very large apology- this week has been craptacular any way you look at it and we are just not in a place to do justice to the reviews we have planned or the giveaways. I promise we'll get things back to normal around here, we had so much planned but life knocked us upside the head and we have to deal with some things before we can get back to our scheduled posts and dropping entrecards and visiting other blogs or anything.For now I apologize- we will get the winners drawn within a day or two and the rest up when we can. Although things including my mom's car wreck and some sneaky underhandedness regarding custody have been going on they are absolutely nothing compared to fellow blogger Shellie's (Military_Mom on Twitter) terrible loss when her 2 year old son Bryson Ross fell in the pool and could not be saved. They need your prayers, we just need a little understanding and forgiveness for being a bit behind.
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