Win a Santa Suggestion Box from Rhoda Rose

We've got a delicious giveaway for you today.  Sandy from over at Rhoda Rose has graciously offered one of our readers a Santa Suggestion Box.

In a reusable adorable tin sleeve is an assortment of hand-dipped chocolate pretzel rods and molded chocolates, which I can say with some authority are absolutely delicious as we received some of her fabulous creations to sample.

How cute is this?  While this would make the perfect gift, I could see Ian putting in his list to Santa-  which, holy cow, that boy wants EVERYTHING.  Literally.  Every time he sees a commercial he says Gigi, I want that so I tell him we'll have to put it on the list for Santa. ;-)  

Pretzels and molded chocolates are not all they do-  in the sample we were provided to review there were also dipped animal crackers, graham crackers and a really delicious s'more pop.

 A passion for decorating with chocolate and sprinkles and attention to detail is what gives them top ratings-  I say the delicious taste and the willingness to go above and beyond by making custom orders and a major enthusiasm for what they do don't hurt.

Everything is bagged with care, no assembly line, and in addition to the gifts ready to buy, you can have favors made for your special occasions.

As it says on their etsy shop, they CRAVE special orders!  You don't see that too often.

We loved everything we got, although I can't say firsthand how good the animal crackers were as Dev and Ian gobbled them up quick.

Whether you love white, dark or milk chocolate, you won't be disappointed as all are delish!

The prices are extremely reasonable and they are located in Hershey, PA-  how fitting is that?

If you are looking for something different and affordable as well as delicious, Rhoda Rose gets very high marks.

THE GIVEAWAY: Winner will get a Santa Suggestion Box from Rhoda Rose filled with delicious white, dark and milk chocolate pretzel rods and molded chocolates.  US only 18+ up, ends 12/10 11:59pm CST.

Main entry- without this all others will be deleted:  go to the Rhoda Rose Etsy shop  and check out what they have- there's a lot to choose from, then come back here and leave a comment telling me something else you like.  Subsequent daily entries can be as simple as today's entry.

Want more?  The main entry is all you need for a chance to win, but you can find out how to get additional entries into our giveaways here.
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