WholesaleKeychain Review & Giveaway- 3 winners

We're really excited to bring you our next giveaway. We are lucky enough to be able to offer 3 of you your choice of keychains from WholesaleKeychain.
We received our choice of 3 keyrings to review and we chose 3 very diverse ones so that we could give you a good evaluation of what they have to offer.

First we chose a digital photo keychain green because Ian is fascinated with pictures, especially of himself and this keeps him happy when we shop. ;-)
How cute is that? Have to say- LOVE IT! and the price- $14.99 can't be beat, even at the discount stores.

Next up- the Nintendo DS Carrying Case in white. At $6.99 it is an exceptional bargain. The verdict- Gamer Girlie says definitely an accessory gamers should have- she can't be unplugged (well wireless, but she MUST be hooked into some sort of device) and she gets bored with the same game and they are so small it is easy to misplace them or lose them in the bottom of a purse or backpack.
Now she can carry 4 extras, hook it right to her DS and as an added bonus it comes with an extra stylus, which if you use them you know how easy they are to misplace. You wouldn't want this as your main stylus, but it is really nice to have on hand. She says the bottom is soft and it is a really nice thing to have.

The final keychain we got to review was the Barrel of Monkeys Game Keyring. Okay, this is just too fun. You'd think kids and you would be wrong. Well, right in that the kids want to play it, wrong in that the teens and adults won't give them a chance.

This is just as addictive as the game ever was and small enough to carry everywhere so you never have to be bored again. Geeky Mommy has this on her keychain and pulls it out on break at work, while out with friends, in a restaurant waiting for her food, whenever she has a few minutes to wait and everyone has to comment on it and wants to try it out and asks where she got it. We've given several people the url already because they want them for themselves as well as to get for very affordable stocking stuffers. At $6.99 you really get so much more than your moneys worth in entertainment value.

That is but a small sampling of what they have to offer- everything from digital to flashdrives to Disney to games and toys and more. Seriously you need to check them out.

Ready to order? Use the code myloonvyerse for a 10% discount- these are awesome stocking stuffers.

Now onto the giveaway. WholesaleKeychain has generously offered to give 3 of our fabulous readers the keychain of their choice. Whether you want pics of the kids or hearts or an Etch-a-Sketch or Candyland, Nascar or NFL Wholesale Keychain has you covered.

For the main entry, go to WholesaleKeychain and pick out your favorite keyring then come back here and let me know what it is.

For additional entries, see here.

Giveaway open to US residents only 18+ and ends 11/30 at 11:59 pm CST.
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