Ugh- still sick, more random.

Just a quickie to say YAY to Dev's Quizbowl team, congrats on your win. The kids worked really hard and came away with the big trophy and we're very proud of them.

I know I've been a little lax in the postings (but WOOT still making at least one a day for NaBloPoMo) and though I'm feeling some better my head is still a little swimmy.

I'm going to get some help tomorrow and get some more reviews and giveaways up for y'all- I would do one now, but I really don't think I could give the care and attention they deserve- we really appreciate all of our sponsors and want to give them our best, not throw together a half-assed post just to get it done. In addition to doing our post we also get them listed on OLS, Prizey and other sites to get exposure for our sponsors and give as many people as possible a chance to win. Hopefully everyone understands why we're not throwing up posts, in the meantime don't forget to enter the giveaways we do have up.

One of the Little Rock malls had breakfast with Santa today- umm, no, don't think I want a 3 year old with very little perception of time pestering for 6 weeks asking when Christmas is coming. Needless to say, we passed and would have even if everyone was feeling 100%.

Speaking of 3, Ian's birthday is the 24th, he's getting so big. He wants Thomas (of course) and Zhu Zhu pets- will NOT be fighting to get one of those. Hopefully we can run across some but if not he'll get it later and still be happy.

He's a riot he says I want that gigi I want that (you know, every ad between Phineas and Ferb, doesn't matter what it is. I say- we'll put it on the list for Santa. Seriously he says he wants so much that I said you want everything and now when he says he wants something we say what do you want now Ian and he says I want everything! Hahaha he wants Tinkerbell wings lolol some members of the not this side of the family have a real problem with it- like they did when Dev painted his toenails purple or something- like we're turning him gay or something. *rolls eyes* Oh he wanted the Dora backpack and his Nana told him he needed the boy one and he started to pitch a fit (we met up in Target to do the switch off) so I just said we'll put that on Santa's list- now, Asialea has backpack (if you know the backpack, backpack song you know what I mean- imagine listening to it relentlessly) and it is the most annoying damn thing on the planet otherwise I'd get it for him just cuz that's how I roll. ;-)

Okay, I got my post in so crash time.
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