Safe Sunday- Protecting children (and others) from cyber bullies

 I'm not going to get into the whole drama deal again, but the incident HERE has brought to the forefront once more the sad and indisputable fact that bullies still exist and it is up to all of us to speak out against wrongdoing.

While God willing the teens and others in the photos that were ridiculed will never find out about it,  it is in fact a form of cyber bullying and can't be tolerated, especially since it was not done by a child who didn't know better but a grown woman who holds herself up as a mother and a role-model and blogging is her full time job- shame on you!


Unlike the classic schoolyard bully, who shouted insults across the playground or intimidated victims into handing over lunch money, today's cyber bullies don't need to be physically present to do their dirty work. They can reach their "targets" any time and anywhere, using a variety of new communications

Although most perpetrators (and victims) are tweens or teens, troubled adults have been known to participate in cyber bullying (although some feel that if adults are involved, it shouldn't be called cyber bullying).

There is also a list of 7 things you can do to protect your children from cyber bullies.

There are all types of abuse, and don't kid yourself thinking bullying isn't one of them.  Keep your kids safe and as always, feel free to post your own Safe Sunday and link up here.


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