New look for the holidays - what do you think?

*cough, cough, hack, hack*

Yep, we're at it again.  Pardon our dust, we wanted to redecorate for the holidays and after learning that it can be hard on the eyes with the darker colors we went in a whole different direction.  Hopefully, this will make it easier for all of our readers to view our content and enter our giveaways.  We certainly want everyone who takes the time to visit to enjoy their time here.

What do you think?  I am really liking the new look-  but maybe that's because this time I did it all myself with no help (except the little divas had a say in the colors).

You'll notice I changed the button as well, so if you are sporting our button we'd appreciate it if you would snag the new code.

Thanks a gazillion!!!

*** Update- thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it and want your experience here at Our Loonyverse to be an enjoyable one. 

In an effort to help make the page load faster we've moved most of the buttons and banners to inside pages.
Here is where you can find the blogs we enjoy.   Here is where we hang out and have memberships.  Here are the carnivals and festivities and tons of awesome giveaways around the blogosphere.

We want to continue supporting other bloggers in any way that we can, but our readers' are very important to us and we want to make your visit as pleasurable as possible. 

Keep those comments coming, and thanks again. 

Sherry aka dddiva
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