GeekyMommy is busy as always

One of these days life will stabilize and I'll make regular posts.
I hope.
I'm looking for another job, walmart just isn't a good fit for me. My schedule is different every day, and every time I close I end up staying an hour or more late having to re-do my coworkers work because they don't do it properly. This means getting home around 2am more often then not. 
I'm still looking for a house, I was hoping to move before Ians birthday, but now it's looking like it will be after the holidays. I've lent out a fair chunk of money, and I'll be honest, I'm not expecting to get most of it back. That being said, I believe there should be a fair chunk of places open at the beginning of the year from college kids moving out.
I'm not doing Nano or Blogo or any of that, but I'm starting to think I'll be doing a song a day, even if unintentionally. My music industry friends are helping me prep my lyrics to send off for publishing. Oh, and my friends dad is a music publisher. Wish me luck! For anyone interested, my friends I'm talking about are Adrian from Das Gift and Zack and friends from Some Guy Named Robb, both are awesome, you should give them a listen.
Were busy getting ready for the holidays and Ians birthday of course, I can't wait to show the bloggy world what we got Ian! We're getting lots of giveaways for you guys too, of course! So far most all of the sponsors have been wonderful, including a few big names! (yep, teasers. I'm mean like that). 
Well, I've got to go be busy again, hopefully next post will be a real post and not just a quicky update.
Oh hey, if anyone wants to sponsor a new house I would definitely have more time to blog that =P
Gotta run!
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