Dear Santa, I'm getting my list in early this year

Dear Santa,

I've been mostly good this year and I really really really want a bedroom makeover.

Why? you ask.

Hello, 4 kids, 1 grandson and 5 dogs mean Grand Central Station and I need a place to relax.

I know most moms put everyone else first and I am no exception so naturally everything I have is mismatched deeply discounted or thrift store finds.

If I win this contest from TwitterMoms and Vision Bedding you can give my presents to other deserving moms.

I'd like this bedding-  really nice, huh?

And this wall art.

To be surrounded by wishing flowers when I go to sleep and when I wake up would inspire the most amazing dreams and of course the happier the hopes and dreams the happier (and better) the mama.

I can even have pillows and blankets made up from my favorite photos and of course get my doggies adorable beds of their own like those here

So, Santa, what'dya think?  Is it time for my fabulous retreat?

Waiting patiently,

p.s. Any other mommy bloggers who would like a chance to win their dream room can go check out the contest here.
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