5 holiday activities to do with your kids.

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Favorite Holiday Activities with Kids

Thanks to TwitterMoms I've been prompted again with a great post idea-  5 activities to do with your kids over the holidays.  I love this- and as the girls are older and Ian still young for some of them I'll be telling you the things we have done that are STILL special to our family.

Bake and make candy for gifts-  not many people do any more so it really means a lot to the recipients.  We also like to bake and put together a gingerbread house.  We like to make villages, and so I put together graham cracker houses for the littler ones that they could decorate.  Those houses were proudly displayed in our village throughout the season.

Each evening (when we are home) we watch at least one Christmas special together, usually with cocoa and some of the yummy cookies we've been baking. 

We get new crayons and coloring books and spend evenings coloring and making snowflakes that we hang up.   We spend a lot of our tv watching time doing this.

Set up a card table with a holiday themed puzzle, a big one, and family and friends all take part-  a piece here or there in passing or sitting down working together- doesn't matter, the point is everyone pitches in.  The goal is to have it done by Christmas eve.

We go out driving around on Christmas eve to look at the lights with the carols playing in the car.  Santa comes and makes an extra early pitstop with PJ's, a new movie and some special snacks.

A bonus-  yes, I did 5 but this is one of our faves but you can't do it as you (prolly) don't have a Kiki.  We decorate the Christmas Kiki.  We string her up with garland and lights, stick ornaments on her, laugh like loon-atics and enjoy the heck out of ourselves!

What do you enjoy doing with your kids to celebrate the season?

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