Win Carolina Pad Hot Chocolate Collection ARV $38

We are so excited to be working with Carolina Pad.

As you know the littlest diva aka geekazoid is an absolute school and office supply ho.

She dibs anything remotely associated with organization, writing, record keeping, etc before you can blink.

This time she couldn't dib them all for herself, partly for the review and partly because mama loves them.

I received the following items to review- and yes, I shared them with her! as well as her sisters. I'm not heartless, you know.

Here are the goodies we got:

· 1-subject notebook (MSRP $2.99)

· Ideal Book (MSRP $3.99)

· Personal Book (MSRP $1.99)

· 3-ring binder (MSRP $4.99)

· Tab dividers (MSRP $1.99)

· File Folders (MSRP $4.99)

· 13-pocket expandable folder (MSRP $5.99)

· Coupon expandable folder (MSRP $3.99)

· 19-month planner (MSRP $4.99)

· Stick-on notes/flags (MSRP $1.99)

We received these in the hot chocolate pattern and can I just say- CUTE!

I don't know about you but I just love to start a new notebook for the various projects I am working on. If I try to keep them all in one book- well, they just get jumbled and I am always searching for what I need. And of course everything about us shows you when we can buy cute, we do. What can I say, appearance does matter.

In our ongoing quest for organization- IT WILL HAPPEN, I TELL YOU! here's how we used our lovely new supplies.

The coupon organizer- obvious. The 10 coupons I have for free products are the faves, of course! I am bad about sticking them in my desk drawer then forgetting them when I go out unless I am going for something specific and I am ashamed to tell you how many good deals got by me because when I am in the store there will be an unannounced special or markdown. No more for me.

The personal book I claimed to jot down ideas for the blog- it is, after all, a large part of my life and I have been just writing on whatever handy surface I come across when I am out- usually the back of a receipt from the bottom of my purse- since I carry a larger bag it fits perfectly in there and I can keep track of my ideas as they come to me.

The Ideal book is Kyra's- she always has ideas going on in her head- lyrics or poems to be written, or whatever else goes on in her mind.

The Binder, Tab Dividers and File Folders are the geekazoids. She is in the gifted classes and is working on several projects for school and this keeps them all neatly tucked in their appropriate slots- actually she even considered using the expandable folder for history day but ultimately decided this system would work better for her- naturally this is only because she had another use for the folder.

The 13 pocked expandable folder, also claimed by Devii, is holding her awards and honors and letters of recommendation and such as she begins her search for the perfect college.

The 1 subject notebook went to Ian- not for organization but because he was very very very sad that we had pretty and he wanted to draw his gigi a picture and let's face it, the boy is spoiled. The paper and books he has access to is not the same, you know?

The 19 month planner is wonderful. Seriously. It starts with notes and the month at a glance, then has the both sides for the week to write in the details. I've not yet used this mainly because there are so many things I could do with it and I haven't decided yet- I will by the end of the day though because I like to start things on the first of the month.

Some of the ideas we've had are:

Family schedule- with the 3 older girls working different shifts and Ken on evenings and Dev all her school and ec activities and Ian all his things and... keeping coordinated on who is doing what when and needs to be where is almost a full time job.

Menu planning- I'm getting so much better about this and I like to have a hard copy of things.

Blog schedule- reviews and giveaways, holiday posts etc. I think if we have it written down (I know actually) we'll be much less likely to let things slide.

What would you do with it? Possibilities, I love possibilities. And when function and beauty meet.

The best news- One of you gets your very own set. That's right, Carolina Pad has graciously agreed to let me give one of my readers their very own set like I got (you will absolutely love it).

Can't wait to find out if you are the lucky winner? Carolina Pad has provided me with a code you can use to get a free expandable coupon organizer with each online order- how cool is that? This is a great deal, peeps, any order at all and you get one of these lovely coupon organizers and let me tell you it is not one of the cheap ones that fall apart and look like heck by the time you've been using it for a week. (Yes, that's pretty much why we didn't have one we got them in the dollar stores or marts for a few bucks and well they just didn't hold up for very long.) Please use the code HC_Coupon to get your free organizer.

US & Canada only- ends 10/15 @11:59pm CST

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