Sorry I've been absent, will catch up soon

Life is a touch crazy, but I have friday and sunday off so hopefully I can catch up my 31 days of halloween then. 
For anyone interested, the insanity in my life currently consists off;

1) I have been made full time at work, woohoo! More money!

2) Navigating the world of divorce when you cant afford a lawyer and he can, boo.

3) Looking for a house. I was actually looking into owning but the bank is convinced I couldnt afford more then $400/mo, never mind the fact that the cheapest apartments I could get are $500. Because that makes all the sense in the world. Really. I saw one for $99,000 that I REALLY want, its huge and wonderful with 3 fireplaces and its 100 years old and I wantwantwant it, but don't think I can get it... not unless someone has an extra $30,000 or so laying around collecting dust =P Really, the house is awesome and worth it, and I would constantly brag about how awesome you are! I know it seems huge for just me and my boy, but the thing is... I collect strays. Many of them of the human variety, mom calls them my lame ducks. This would include my two friends and their baby who are even more crammed then I am with inlaws, a 16 year old who is in a terrible abusive situation, a good friend who just cant catch a break... really, he just moved, then broke his foot. Things should be looking up soon he has an interview to become a policeman soon, but for now, life is full of suck. These are just a few examples, but pretty much I would have a constant flow of people, some staying a while, some just, well, taking a breather. It hurts when I cant help them =(
Anyways, that was number 4 aswell, helping these various friends, babying the guy with a broken foot, saying goodbyes to someone moving to virginia, helping newlywed friends learn to shop and budget and such... yeah, pretty busy.

Anyways, back to insanity! 

Oh, and for anyone interested, this is the house I need! Really, its supposed to be mine, I wrote about it two days before I found it in a what I want for my home note! I described it to a tee!

Isnt she beautiful?

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