Potions- witches brew, swamp water and more

Ghastly brews are easy to mix up into yummy but disgusting beverages for your Halloween party or just to amuse the kids. Something as simple as poison aka lemon-lime soda mixed with blue food coloring and a glow stick (5/$1 at the Dollar Tree) makes a tasty treat that even the pickiest little goblins will enjoy.

There are so many different punches you can make and really it just depends on your tastes what you like so here's a nifty little formula- 1 part juice, kool-aid or other non-fizzy beverage, 1 part lemon-lime soda and sherbet. You can add fruit if you like, or here are a few ideas for Halloween- radishes mostly peeled and stuffed with a pimento stuffed green olive made to look like bloodshot eyeballs then frozen in ice cubes, plastic (well washed of course) spiders or other creepy critters again frozen in ice cubes, plastic (again well washed) bady body parts or a severed bloody hand- use a food grade plastic glove and fill with red kool-aid or juice then freeze solid. Unmold and have it either floating in or reaching up out of your punch bowl.

Here are a couple of sites featuring fun adult libations- enjoy!
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