Once In A Blue Moon - book review

This post is a joint effort by dddiva & the geekazoid.

There comes a time in every reviewers life that they come across something that just isn't what they expected.

I know many reviewers say that they just send the product back or won't post but I'm not that reviewer. If I can't review with integrity what is the point?

Which is probably why my readers know they can trust what I say and companies aren't beating down my door although to be perfectly frank I have passed on more opportunities than I have accepted.

We received the book Once In a Blue Moon by Eileen Goudge and I just could not get into it. I tried, I did. So. I gave it to the littlest diva (aka Geekazoid, who has been reading beyond grad school level since 4th grade).

She is fine with deep subjects and really loves to sink her teeth into meaty novels.

In her own words, Once In a Blue Moon is a pretty light read for a very heavy topic.

Until the last few chapters the story is predictable, then it takes a few interesting turns and plot twists and ends up completely the way she expected.

The characters themselves were multidimensional and the family dynamics interesting. Also, most books don't tell a story from the point of view of a mother whose child is taken away; many portray this mother as a terrible person, but this book shows that that's not always the case.

We found the subject matter interesting but it wasn't executed in a way we found enjoyable.

Fans of Jodi Picoult may find the subject matter interesting. Certainly other reviews I have read and her status as a best-selling author means she is popular among many readers, so my advice is to give it a chance but don't let others opinions sway you.

You can find out more on Eileen's website or find her on twitter here or facebook here.

We received a copy of Once In A Blue Moon as part of the One2One Network.
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