Is it "old-timers" or my natural brilliance?

We all do things and then think d'oh! I should be smacked upside the head for that.

I happen to do them with great frequency and while it would be nice to attribute to old-timers, I've pretty much always been a genius like this.

Luckily for me, my family thinks it is adorable rather than stupidity. Although the little mini diva takes her hand puts it on my head and says brain-sucker and then pfffffffft her hand falls off because it dies from starvation. HaHa toots very funny- I love you anyways. She gets away with it because she is about as brilliant as I am about some things. (Gosh, they'll invite anyone to join mensa these days huh? Yes, I did get invited, no I am not a joiner in such things. I'm pretty sure they only asked me for the yearly fee.)

For your amusement, here are a few of my more memorable oopsie moments.

I will spend a lot of time (we're talking up to an hour here) looking for my sunglasses since I can't see at all when the sun is glaring without them to drive and poof they're on my head. (Yeah, the adorable Hello Kitty ones I paid too much for but were worth every penny.) And not remember I keep spares in my car and on my desk because I do this all the time. ALL the time!

I will need one or two things from the store and end up $300 poorer with a basket full of stuff and not get the things I really need. And this is when I do have a list with me. ;)

The girls will ask me something and I hear them and I know what they said but I'll swear they never said it. (They do the same thing to me.) Or we will KNOW we asked the other to do something and the other will KNOW we didn't. Of course geeky-mommy dreams she has done things like one example is gotten her laundry done for work so she doesn't do it and then totally freaks when she has nothing to wear but she really did do it in some parallel universe or something, she does that all the time. And she genuinely believes she did it and could pass a lie-detector test about it.

Mama and I took the little girls downtown to shop and were walking between stores and unlike y'all who I am sure never judge *rolls eyes* I sort of sum people up in passing and so we're walking along and I think to myself gee, she's pretty cute love the outfit not realizing I'm passing a reflective window and it is me. Yeah, I'm a genius. ;)

Surely I'm not the only one- tell me about some of your less than brilliant moments.
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