Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating

Halloween automatically brings to mind thoughts of little ghosts and witches running door-to-door shouting "Trick or treat!"

After that come the treasured memories of trading candy with friends and siblings, then eating so much Fun Dip and chocolate that you want to puke.

But there are other options for spending your Halloween, for both kids and adults, that still involve dress-up and candy. Why do the same thing every year when you can switch it up some?

Haunted houses are on obvious option. There are less-scary child-appropriate "boo"-type houses, plus scare-your-pants-off alternatives for the older set.
Zoos often do something for Halloween--ours does "Boo at the Zoo"--as do libraries. You may be able to find things like hayrides, carnivals, and the like in your area. For adults, many bars have costume parties, so it's not just kids who can indulge in the Halloween dress-up fun.

Grocery stores sometimes have fun parties mostly geared toward younger children--our local one has a cake walk, turkey bowling, costume contest etc. where kids can win lots of candy. That's not to mention the free or cheap food and drink they have to offer.

Last but not least, don't forget this classic choice: The Halloween party. Find one to go to or hold one yourself--it's really easy to get creative and have fun decorating your house. My friends and I have one each year and go all-out, even though only a few of us attend. Half the fun is decking the house out with dollar-store decorations and decorating fun treats--check out this blog all this month for fun Halloween ideas.

Check your local newspapers and ask around to find what's going on around the spookiest day of the year. You never know what you might find to do.
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