Win a Jet Stream soda fountain by joining in on Safe Sunday- Child abuse prevention and awareness.

It shouldn't be private. It shouldn't be shameful. IT ISN'T THE CHILD'S FAULT- EVER!

We NEED to shine a light on the horrific so everyone knows we will not tolerate it.

And if it takes bribery, then bribery it is. Trina is giving away a SODA STREAM Fountain Jet. This is over $100 value and it is that important to her. One of the requirements is that you blog against or about child abuse. (If you don't blog, you can use another form of social media to spread the word.) It can even be cut and paste of mine, or just a link or phone number. JUST SPREAD THE WORD. Tell you what- I'll get her to give you an extra entry if you add your link to the mr linky here. Please, you could be saving a life. Click HERE to win.

So, here's what I found to share with y'all today.

Darkness to light- confronting child sexual abuse with courage.

This is a new to me site that looks to have many great resources (free) as well as a prevent-a-thon. A month-long community-based media-driven event that raises awareness of the issue of child sexual abuse and provides free prevention education and training.

Guiding responsible adults to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. You can download Darkness to Light's 7 Steps to Protecting our Children.

They have articles and other resources.

Please, help spread the word in any way that you can, link up here then add your site. Feel free to add Mr. Linky to your own post, I made it public- we just want to get the word out to as many people as possible.

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