Out of hospital, catching up again.

Ugh so much to catch up on. Sorry I've been so absent- I went in Friday to get a couple of units of blood then they decided to keep me for a 24 hour observation and I finally talked them into letting me come home today- same old stuff they don't know what or why but we've got it under control for the moment.

I'm a little spacey- as my really cool new doc said they gave me a morphine/zofran cocktail as my lovely parting gift. ;-)

I have a few thousand emails to go through, my fervent hope is that if there are any wins I did not miss the deadline to respond. That would make a sucky week even suckier.

I have several more reviews to do and a couple more giveaways for you guys. Make sure you are entering- I try to make sure at least one entry is super-easy on y'all so everyone has at least one chance. I'll be getting to them and dropping my ec's- really sorry for everyone who counts on me for that- I'll be getting back to doing them regularly though. Thanks for hanging in there with me, I really appreciate it.

If y'all have a blog and don't do entrecard and want extra traffic it is a great way to get some. It is totally free and you can earn advertisements on other blogs and get them on yours. I have found a TON of great sites through ec, and I know I've built up my own traffic and stats. Which may not matter a great deal, but since we like doing reviews and giveaways, for some places things like that matter and you are more likely to get people interested in sponsoring you.

Time to rest again- blah, yeah, it sucks but I am so happy to be home! I'll catch up with y'all when I can and hopefully since my blood is back up when the other is taken care of I'll have more energy and get back to visiting and commenting like I do when every little thing doesn't exhaust me.
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