Safe Sunday- child abuse awareness and prevention 8/16 has the slogan prevention through awareness, which is of course what we are trying to promote here with Safe Sunday.

Tons of info including online tests and an online course, all geared to recognizing the signs and breaking the cycle.

IMO the most useful page, from whence you can get to anything is the LINKS page.

It is not shameful to need or ask for help, what is shameful is to know it is wrong and not do anything about it when the information is available.

Please spread the word- anything that has to do with awareness, prevention, personal story, whatever. Child abuse is tragic, and it is preventable if we work together.

If you don't know what to say feel free to use my links, the point is to get the word out that there is another way.

Please link to this post then add your link.

I know this is not a "fun" meme or linkup, but if it makes a difference in a single life it is worth it.

Also, feel free to add the Mr. Linky to your site, I made it public so anyone could snag it.

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