On a quest for the perfect hair removal system. HELP ME!

Being a girl means that there are things we do to beautify that men couldn't possibly begin to understand. One of the biggest pains in the arse is hair removal.

It squicks me out so badly to have any form of stubble or whatever during regrowth that once I went to ripping the suckers out I never went back to shaving or depilatories.

The girls, however, haven't developed a tolerance for the torture devices yet so we've been through the gamut of affordable options.

We've come to the following conclusions.

Creams and such like Nair and Veet are... pretty good to okay to meh to OMG I've got a disease. The results are short lived- 3 days max at best if you are gorilla woman and they can get pricey. Any skin sensitivity at all and this is not an option as the nasty red welty look lasts longer than the smoothness. Not terribly expensive but in the long term if you add it all up it's not cheap either.

Waxing is messy at home, expensive at salons and it hurts, especially in the sensitive areas like bikini and underarm. Some professionals are better at it than others which is why celebs will find one they love and keep them on retainer- if I could afford to do this I probably would. Well, if I could afford that I'd probably just get the permanent laser done but let's face it, neither I nor (most of) my readers can justify the cost as we have many other obligations for our money.
Usually it is a pretty good job, especially if you have it done by a professional BUT there are always some that grow back faster than others and/or are missed entirely. And you have to grow it out to a certain point before you can have it done. None of us were overly impressed with the cold wax strips.

Disposable razors and razors with replaceable blades- gets pretty spendy if you don't buy the cheap-arse ones that rip your legs to shreds as you are forever buying the darn things but most of us can afford this option as it is done a bit at a time. Really, it's a case of you get what you pay for and when you are buying for 4 daughters who have to shave with every bath or shower (daily) it adds up. And it feels REALLY nasty when the stubbly buggers are growing back.

Way back in the day mama got me an Epilady when they first came out. That's the one with the coils that rotate and yank the hair out by the roots. I won't tell you it didn't hurt because that would be a damn lie. But. While it takes a while (the first few times especially) the results were mostly good and it lasted a lot longer than shaving or depilatories and they were soft when they grew back. While it is supposed to last for up to like 4 weeks it was a weekly process. The reason I stuck with it was because again- no nasty stubble and over the long term the regrowth meant finer hairs and quite a few large areas that never grow back again. The bottom half of my shins have no hairs whatsoever and haven't for years- same with most of my thighs.

When poor Epi croaked I moved on to a Gently Gold. This did the same thing as the Epilady (yanked the hair out by the roots) but used rotating rows of tweezers and was somewhat less painful. Results were basically the same and it did a decent job- maybe missed a few more hairs or a couple more broke off at skin level but for the most part nice smooth legs. The girls actually tried these and only the mini-diva can handle the pain. I don't want to call the others wimps (well I have, and to their faces) but I think it's a matter of what your tolerance for pain is and also how sensitive you are.

I've had numerous Gently Gold's they seem to last a couple of years with weekly use, then they slowly get less and less effective.

This last time when I realized Goldie was getting close to kicking the bucket I did a lot of research and read so many reviews my eyes started to bleed and I ended up going with the Braun 5270 Silk-epil X'elle Body System Epilator. I am going to cut and paste to show you what the benefits are supposed to be-

  • Smartlight - A spotlight which helps you capture even single stray hairs resulting in ultimate smoothness
  • SmartStart Head - This head helps make your start in epilation easy
  • SoftLift system, part of the epilation system, lifts and guides the shortest and flat lying hairs to tweezers. It helps remove the shortest hairs that wax cannot capture
  • Active Massaging Rollers - 4-way moving massaging rollers stimulate skin with micro-pulses before and after hair is removed to minimize pulling sensation

With over 700 reviews on Amazon it was the highest rated epilator at 4.5 stars (and a lower price than Goldie) I went for it as the reviews that were not positive were all basically from wimps like the girlies and dealt with the pain factor. Plus, it was cheaper than Goldie and had more features that looked like they addressed my concerns. I do really like the light.

That being said what a waste of Amazon GC's that I got with my Swagbucks*.

It hurts more than the Gently Gold but less than the Epilady.

It breaks a LOT more hairs off at the skin level than either of the others.

Your legs are NOT as smooth and silky- they don't grow back AS STUBBLY as if you shaved, but there are a few patches. EVERY TIME. I've had it since I went on vacation to mama's and I can honestly tell you I'm not the least bit impressed. Since Goldie is on life support and I can't afford a whole new system YET- saving up those Swagbucks, though *grin* what I am currently doing is using the Silk-epil and then going over it with Goldie. Yes, double time and it is not as fast as shaving at the best of times as whatever system you use you have to go over each area numerous times to make sure you get all the hairs and of course you will still miss some. If you've reached 40-itis, though (needing old lady glasses to see up close) then you know what I mean when I say it's easy to think you got them all when you haven't.

All of the epilators do a good job on the underarms. That could be because I have maybe half a dozen hairs that ever try to grow back (again, years and years and well better than a quarter of a century of use is the reason for this and makes it totally worth it to me). It used to OMG HURT LIKE A MOTHER, but now it is nothing to me. If you can get past the initial few times it gets less and less painful, whatever area you are going over.

I'm on a mission to find THE PERFECT hair removal system. That would be my dream review. There have been a few giveaways that have the laser technology that you use at home but they are all pricier than I can afford at the moment. And. I would not want to shell out that kind of money until I knew someone that was actually using it and getting real results not the website testimonials. Again we're talking hundreds and hundreds and while I know that's a lot if- and that's a big if- they did what they said then you can bet your bippy I'd be saving my wins and pennies.

The two that I've seen the most press on are the TRIA and the Silk'n. Both respond to the pigment so are for people with dark hairs and light skin *pick me, pick me* hehehe my body hair has always been MUCH darker than the hairs on my head. Go figure. Thanks, genetics.

I'm so jonesing to try one of these- now that would be a dream come true for me- hear that laser people? I'm your perfect candidate and let's face it if your product does what it says you will NEVER have a more loyal advocate. I've got a big mouth and I know how to use it!

For now, the quest continues, in the meantime I'll keep on yanking and ripping and saving, but honestly if any PR reps for hair removal companies see this- I would so love to work with you. I'm willing to "bare it all" and show the results week after week after week on this blog and/or your site to get something that actually works.

What do you use? How effective is it? Cost? Thanks a gazillion!

*Swagbucks has changed somewhat since I wrote this review, but it is my favorite search and win because while I have won on the others, whenever you take the time to do them in just a few minutes a day you are getting some points and they add up quickly - only 45 needed to get a $5 Amazon GC and now you can even use them to get money into your PayPal account. Can't beat that. If you haven't signed up yet, please consider signing up under me- that way we both win.

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