New trend in (mom) blog giveaways- what's your take?

I've noticed a new trend lately in (mom) blog giveaways and I have to say that with this second round of giveaways I like it less and less.

What am I talking about? you ask yourself with a raised brow.

The trend of about 8 blogs all offering the same prize.

Now, a lot of bloggers host the same type of giveaways, I've done it myself, and it is good for the companies (exposure), the bloggers (traffic, products to review) and for the entrants, lots of chances to win some great prizes.

The type of giveaway I am talking about is different, though, and don't that I have seen make it very clear to those not in the know that it is a creative presentation and there is ONE prize that all of the entries from all of the blogs are pooled together and chosen from.

I get how it is great for the sponsors- hey how cheap I get exposure on 8 different blogs who make them come to my site etc.

I get how it is great for the bloggers- they each get the products to review and they get the traffic and they get new followers and better stats, as well as links to each other.

I am having a very hard time seeing how it benefits the entrants. Sure some of the prizes are pretty great but there are a LOT of hoops to jump through and your chance isn't anywhere near as good as you might think.

For example I was going through the back to school giveaways being run this way currently and just to make clear what I mean:

8 different blogs are hosting these giveaways and I have nothing against the blogs themselves or the sponsors so am eliminating the identifying info.

Here are the rules cut and pasted almost verbatim (again, I xxxx'd out identifying info) from one of them:

To Enter

Mandatory entry: Sign up for the xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Then leave a comment telling us what email you used to sign up.

Mandatory entry: Take a look at some of the other xxxxxxxx offered at xxxxxxx. Then tell us what one item you would like to own.

Extra Entries:

None Bloggers get and extra entry for every e-mail they send out linking to this giveaway cc xxxxxxxxxx (be sure to leave a comment for every person you e-mail, for example if you e-mail 10 different people leave 10 different comments)

Subscribe to my blog
Follow me on twitter tell me your twitter ID
Blog about the giveaway include a link to me for five extra entries
Tweet the giveaway (every time you tweet you get an entry) Link to the giveaway please!!!
Add my button to your blog/blog roll
Dig, Stumble, or fav me on Technorati (two entries for each one)
Leave a comment for every entry

The contest will run until xxxxxxxxxxxxx. The winner will be selected by from entries in the FORM

To run it down for you:

Mandatory: company gets
Guaranteed sign up for newsletter.
Guaranteed traffic for sponsor as you must visit and find what you like. 1 entry
Extra: blogger gets (at least some- usually quite a few)
Visitor to their blog
Subscriber 1 entry
Twitter Follower 1 entry
Blog posts with links for blogger and company 5 entries
Tweet the giveaway, 1x each no limit say once a day Aug 8-24 = 2o entries & more that many links
Add button/Add to blogroll 2 entries
Digg, Stumble, Tech fave 2 entries each = 6 entries

This is potentially 36 entries (more if you tweet more than once a day) PER BLOG, so

36 x 8 = 288 if not more.

The odds are pretty astronomical and I am not saying they aren't worth doing, I am just saying for the potential payoff, I am not sure I'll be entering as many as I have lately.

It is an AWFUL LOT of work and an heckuva lot of entries for ONE PRIZE and quite frankly I think if most people broke it down and realized exactly how much time and effort they were putting into these creative presentations there would be a lot less of them entering or maybe only doing the mandatory entries unless it is something really amazing like a computer or a car.

The bloggers also get links on their sites from the other bloggers (which is a good thing, for them) and raises all of their rankings. Which if you are a blogger looking for sponsors is kind of a big deal.

Again- It's fine for the bloggers and especially the companies- they all get tons of exposure and visitors but I am thinking it is not so great for the entrants. To do all of these things on all of the different blogs takes quite a bit of time (at a minimum several minutes for each blog if you do each entry) and for some of us who know there are other games in town- the odds are better if we stick with the blogs who each offer their own prize instead of just one. Also, puts me in a better frame of mind about the sponsors (not cheap). Let's face it, the more people who get and love the product the better.

I realize that by stating my feelings on this I am going to once more not win any popularity contests or get the sponsors who choose to do business this way but I am okay with that. I know that with time and effort and consistency with honesty, truth and effort I will be known for recommending only quality goods and services and of course for speaking the truth when it needs to be spoken.

I am coming from the perspective of both a blogger and a sweeper/entrant, as many of you know sweeping, contesting and entering is a fun and profitable hobby for me and I am kind of wondering if I am perhaps jaded because of it.

I would really love to know what y'all think. I really appreciate it. Thanks tons. Don't forget- by commenting you get an extra entry into all of my giveaways.
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