Green Tea Bundt Cake formula

We wanted to make a recipe using green tea when for a review, so Kyra found a recipe for some white chocolate and green tea truffles with candied ginger- the recipe itself (followed exactly) was a flop as far as being the right consistency although it would make a great filling in a molded candy, but it tasted soooooo good that we didn't want to toss it.

Genius moment came when we were letting it drip off the spoon- it would make an amazing icing on some cake or cupcakes. We like individual sized things for our tea parties so decided on mini bundt cakes and found a package of French Vanilla cake mix. On a lark I told her to brew another cup of tea and use that in place of the water. Oh. My. Goodness.

Absolutely, this was one of my better ideas. The batter tasted delish- yeah yeah go ahead and call the raw egg police on me, we buy pasteurized. They smelled heavenly while baking and when she took them out she took a little snitchel of one that had puffed a bit over the edge. Called us to come taste and we literally stood there burning our fingers and mouths devouring the first one. They were so moist and tasty, they truly did not need a glaze or icing.

You can't quite place your finger on what makes it so much better than usual, but it is that subtle something that people instinctively know makes you a fabulous cook or baker. They aren't sure what it is you do differently than others who make the same dish, but they know there is something that makes yours stand out.

We were good with the rest and let them mostly cool, then thinned out the oopsie into a glaze and poured it over the cakes. Divine! You keep going back for more even though you swore you wouldn't.

Honestly, while we had basically steeped the tea in heavy cream mixed with sugar because she was making the candy next time we make these I will make a regular glaze using skim milk, steeping the tea in it when it is scalded for a while then add the vanilla and sugar and I think it will taste just as great without all the calories.

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