Geeky Mommy goes overboard Wordless & Mostly Wordless Wednesday

While the pic itself doesn't need explaining, the reason for it does- Geeky Mommy took the Geekazoid to get what she needed for back-to-school. And got a wee bit carried away. This is after Dev and Ian put their stuff away.

You, my lucky readers, will be the ones to benefit. Yes, that is our fave Hello Kitty- don't worry, we also got something for the boys. Even some snackage and brain food for the older crowd- it would make a great gift to send to your fave college student, but heck, it is really good for anyone!

Once she has a chance to sort through the goodies and get a few packages together Geeky Mommy will be putting up some giveaways, so check back soon to enter for your chance to win.

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