Boys are so gross- what is the fascination with poop?

Ugh. There is no doubt, boys are different (aside from the obvious) than girls.

So Dev was giving Ian his bath, letting him splash around and having a good old time.

He holds up his finger to her and she's like eww Ian that is nasty what is it and he said it's only poop Auntie Devon.

Being the smart aunt that she is she calls for his mama! Who was *positive* it was I don't know boy soap scum or something.

They ask him where it came from and with a big old grin he tells them "out of my butt".

Now there is no other poop or traces of it anywhere in or around, just the finger.

While some kids like to pretend they are digging for gold, apparently my grandson is quite pleased to be digging out his rear-end for poop.

Gag me, that is just eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww or as Dev likes to say "Ian, that's d'nasty!"

Is it any wonder I prayed and prayed for girls?

*Naturally, lots and lots of antibacterial soap and Germ-x and Lysol and Clorox were used.
We blog about these things so you can enjoy laughing at us without having to go through them yourself.
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