Back to school bash- what do you want to see?

Hey guys, we're getting everything together for the back-to-school bash and are planning a series of posts, reviews and even a few giveaways. We've got what we think are some interesting and useful posts lined up but what I really want to know is what you all want.

Bento, lunches, breakfasts, making the mornings easier and organization are some of the topics we've got covered.

What are your challenges? Is there anything you would like to see us cover that we haven't mentioned? Any resources you want give a shout out to (can be your own)?

Just leave a comment and we'll do what we can to accommodate you.

Thanks. Don't forget to get those entries in for the kick-off giveaway of $25 Paypal or amazon or the 1yr prem membership to OLS.

If anyone else would like to have us review your products and/or offer our readers a giveaway, email me and I'll be happy to see what we can do to help you out.
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