So happy, more great wins in the loonyverse.

If you read our blog you know that I regularly enter contests, sweepstakes and giveaways as well as have a few of my own. Some GREAT ones coming, so stay tuned.

With the two I have yet to add that I received this morning I am up to 90 wins received this year and several more that I am waiting for. You can see my win list for this year here.

There are several reasons I enter, but the main reason (besides the thrill of a surprise and getting things other than bills in the mail) is so that I can get nice things for my family that I might not otherwise be able to afford.

Or like yesterday I got a call saying I was a potential winner (meaning if I entered fairly and meet all the requirements, I do) of a $500 gift card. This can be used for anything and I feel good knowing that I can contribute in this way. I have physical problems that I don't talk about often but basically I live with pain and never know when I will have to be hospitalized because I need blood or can't stop vomiting or whatever.

I thought it was a good time, with the economy in the shape that it is in and so many looking for work to remind people that while there are no guarantees, entering online to win things is free, fun (I love playing the wouldn't it be nice game with myself) and something I can do when it is convenient for me. I do this part time since it is a hobby and supposed to be fun for me, but some consider it a job.

If any of you could use a little help like with holiday gifts or whatever, here's my step-by-step and everything you need to get started on this rewarding hobby.

Do you enter giveaways? Consider yourself lucky? Have any awesome wins to tell us about? Just want to say hi? We love and appreciate your comments.
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