Safe Sunday child abuse awareness & prevention - Link here

My friend Trina was emotionally and physically abused when she was a child and she recently adopted her nieces and nephew to get them out of a horrendous situation. She is determined to break the cycle in her family as well as make sure the information is available to anyone who might need it.

To that end, we've started a Safe Sunday- child abuse awareness and prevention meme.

While it is my fervent hope that this information will soon be superfluous and that it does not touch any of y'all personally while there is a need we will do what we can to make the resources available should they be necessary. Please help spread the word by doing your own post or even copying mine and linking up.

This weeks link is Child Welfare Information Gateway - Protecting Children . Strengthening Families.

There are several resources and links and even an alphabetical search and a sitemap.
Free subscriptions and a link to have the site translated into Spanish.

It looks very informative and they should be able to point you in the right direction.

We very much appreciate your reading this and passing it on if you can. I would appreciate a link back if you post so we can get others on the bandwagon. I made the Mr. Linky public so feel free to snag one and put it on your post. Knowledge is power- pass it on.

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