I hate drunk-sitting

People, do the world a favor and please DON'T get belligerently drunk without a safe-plan. It makes things harder on the rest of us, and makes people like me very grumpy. 
So, last night I was hanging out with my usual group of friends, and they are the sort that drink responsibly. When they do plan on getting drunk they have plans for rides, make sure there is a good sober to drunk ratio, and they know not to invite me to those parties because I just don't like it. Most the time, however, they just drink a little, and they all know not to drive even after only having "some". 

Last night, a new girl was hanging out with us. My friends got tipsy, I spent three hours on a single small coke and rum with almost no rum in it(I'm not much of a drinker) and this girl... wow. By the time everyone else had just enough they knew they couldn't/shouldn't drive or anything, this girl was falling over. I was the only completely sober one left (I even abandoned what little was left of my drink, just in case) I had to keep an eye on this girl who can't even stand, and can't feel right going home leaving her with no one able to drive or anything. 
Turns out this girl is beyond crazy, has been in and out of the mental hospital, want's to die, overdosed on a mental health medication before drinking, and has a breathalyzer on her car. Wow, where did my friends find this one? Everyone is now aware I will NOT hang out when she does. Grrr.

So, I did not have a good night last night. 

If you are going to get drunk, please don't be stupid.
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