Dear Macy's

Dear Macy's,

I am writing this for two reasons. One is to tell you about your most excellent customer service. The other is to tell you about your crappy customer service.

I have to say that in store, when mother and I shopped, and believe you me, we shopped hard, every employee was very helpful, going above and beyond. (When we could find an employee- there were times we had to go to several registers to find someone to help us. Sadly, though, in this economy, all the stores were rather dead.)

They made sure we could use the codes, etc, we got by mail to the best advantage and found exactly what we were looking for.

Every department we bought things in- Jrs, girls, ladies, accessories, home and a couple of others the clerks were wonderful.

Online however, was another matter entirely. Not only was the response to an inquiry not quick, it was downright rude enough for mother to want to cancel her card- and she has had it forever.

She is a long-time Clinique user and she always stocks up when they are having some kind of freebie or deal.

Well, one comes around and offered a free full-sized product as well as several samples, which we use when we travel.

She calls her store and yes, they have it, if she can't make it within a day or two they will hold one for her.

She gets the brilliant idea to save a few minutes and see if they are running the deal online as she has a free shipping dealio over a certain amount.

Yes! Huge ad with the same free with purchase offer so she'll order. (Mom is NOT tech savvy, half the time she can't even remember how to comment on my blog or get to her email, and she considers me a techie guru, so if you know me at all you know that is just sad.)

She places her order and goes about her business.

In comes the box with JUST what she ordered, not one extra.

We compose an email to Macy's and immediately get an automated response back saying they will make sure the right dept gets it, etc.

Almost a week later she gets back a nasty little email implying she is an idiot and that they were out of the freebies online and she only would have gotten it if she had placed it in her cart, which when she ordered they did not have any left.

Excuse the crap outta me, but hello! how was she supposed to know when there is a VERY obvious banner stating if she orders x amount of $ in Clinique she will get free full and trial sized products she only gets it if she puts it in her basket.

Yes, I get that someone took the time to take the thing down to add it into the basket, but HELLO FALSE ADVERTISING it takes no more damn time to take off the banner from the main page than it does to remove an item so you can't get it from the cart but the programmers were what? too stupid to realize if there are none left they should take the banner off the site?

Sorry, Macy's, you totally blew it on that one. We may or may not shop with you any longer, but until or unless you change your ways the only way we'll order online is if there is an unbeatable Black Friday deal.

So, thumbs up on the in-store customer service, but get someone else to handle your emails and take the deals off your site when they are no longer valid or we won't be the only customers you lose.

I know as far as mama is concerned she's very leary and one more instance of being treated like a moron and she will be spending her $ elsewhere- and since it was over $1000 we dropped in a few days, you probably don't want to lose a customer like her.

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