Brief updates

Not too much is going on here for the Diva's, except that we're all melting because the air conditioning is broken. I myself am currently a giant puddle of goo. Casey and I have both been working, I got my first paycheck yesterday woohoo! Getting ready to move into my own place in about a month, another woohoo! Got hot oil splattered in my eyeball... okay not so woohoo. That one really hurt, actually, but I'm not blind so we're good!

A few things I wanted feedback on from the bloggy world; One, I'm working on making a webcomic about my sissys and I, just some of the crazy happenings of the loonyverse. Who would want to read it? What would you want to see in the comic?

Thing two, I'm getting ready to move into the first place that will be 100% mine, and Casey and her friends are about to move in together as well. Any advice? Things we should bring, decorating advice, cheap places to get some necessities? Funny stories and things to avoid? Anything would be appreciated, thanks!

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