The excitement level is off the charts around here today.

Dan is coming, flying in from Hong Kong. For anyone who doesn't know, Dan is Dawn's boyfriend, they met online about a gazillion years ago playing EQ (Everquest).

Dan's dad is from Austria, his mom is from Hong Kong and he was going to school in England. They keep houses/apartments in both Hong Kong and Austria and get around.

Dawn went to Austria a few years ago and Hong Kong last year, but somehow things never quite worked out for Dan to be able to come here. Finally! he's on his way and his plane will land in about 8 hours. He's been flying since early yesterday morning.

We are all excited to finally get to meet him in person- although we've all talked to him via Skype and IM's. Ian especially - they *game* together, with Dawn's help, of course.

Apparently Dan is already spoiling his godson and picking up this and that and has plans for things that were just too big for the luggage. He made sure there was a Toys R Us close enough to drive to. ;-) He and Dawn are definitely doing their part to make sure Ian is a little gamer.

Cross your fingers for us that Dan does okay with the dogs- he's just never really been around any, so we are really hoping he's not allergic or anything.

Off to be a goombah with the girlies while we wait til it's time to go pick Dan up from the airport. Have an awesome day, everyone!!!
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