Step 2 Water Rush Quarry Review

I won a Step 2 Water Rush Quarry sand and water table for Ian from Life Starring the Kids & Me.
It totally ROCKS!
We've not had a chance to get sand yet- or even take it outside- yeah, it's in the living room/den with all his other crap like the horse and trampoline.
He's already having a blast with it.
Pitched a fit when his mama had to take him to visit his daddy and other grandparents.
I'll be honest with you, I've been pretty loyal to Little Tykes since my kids were little- those are some toys that can take a beating.

I have to say that from what I have seen so far, so can Step 2.
I'm pretty sure they never intended for an oversized 2 1/2 year old to get in the darn thing, but not even a little dent, and Ian is... well, to be kind I'll say rough on toys.
You can see he's having a blast- and gets the most intense look of concentration when he's operating the crane.
His fave thing to do- send his matchboxes and trains through the tunnel and down the slide.
And while this is intended for children, I will admit the rest of us have played with it as well- we set the dumptruck that comes with it at the end of the pit near the slide and prop the slide up a bit and try to land in it. ;-)

I can only imagine it will be more fun with sand and water.
We LOVE LOVE LOVE that it breaks down super easily and the pieces fit inside and the red part makes a nice little cover for the rest of it- you can leave it out and not worry about the neighbors' cats making a giant litterbox out of it.
One thing that we've noticed- the drain does not stay shut- this may be because it is empty- not sure about that part, will update when we know if it will stay closed when there is some weight from water or sand or whatever on it.
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  1. This is the great way to keep your child well.And while this is intended for children, you will admit the rest of us have played with it as well.I have 3 years child, i have take him in a zoo last week. The most happiness for him is play in trampoline.