I'm not a figment of my (or your) imagination.

You may have noticed (and some of you emailed and let me know) there is a decided lack of pics of me. It's not just on the blog, that's my life. I detest having my pic taken because, well, if I thought I looked as bad in the mirror as I do in pics I'd be under the knife all the time.

Honestly I do consider myself cute, just not photogenic. My friend Trina made it all fancy for me.

Today, however, for the first time in the blogosphere I'm going to let y'all see that I am a living, breathing human being, closing in on 50 fast.

To what do we owe such an honor? Well, I'm not one to brag *cough cough choke choke* but I am going to be a weekly contributor for Pink Lemonade. Yes, that's right, bouncing bread and blown up oven aside, I'll be writing about anything to do with the kitchen and cooking and such. What can I say I didn't show those posts, just my pretty bento.

Anyhoo they wanted a pic of me, so natch the little diva's (and mostly me) thought I should ham it up. I always feel like such a dork in front of a camera, might as well act like one, right?

I'm super-excited and I hope you'll check it out, the first piece will run when we get back from San Diego on July 6th.
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