How to outlast them- wearing kids out.

Finally getting around to some vacation pics. Not as many as their could have been, but considering it is me we're doing great to have any. Mom lives in New Hampshire, which is just a hop, skip and jump to almost anywhere on the East coast.

Oh, before we get to the nitty gritty I just have to know... how many of you have a most excellent, hasn't steered you wrong yet gps and are sure you know better than it does how to get somewhere you have never driven before? Not once, but twice??? Love you mommy!!! Funniest thing about that- mama has no sense of direction, has never had a sense of direction, knows this about herself and absolutely panics when she gets lost. But still, she KNEW BETTER! Ha! Lucky for us the GPS just said recalculating and got her headed back in the right direction.
This is Asialea kissing Hampton Goodbye. Notice the mani- we did the hair and wax thing at the spa one day and one of the lovely people who worked there gave Asia a manicure while they cut mine and mama's hair.

There should be a gigantic gap here because we went and saw one of my cousins and his mom near Albany that I hadn't seen in way more years than I like to count and his family- his wife and girls are absolute dolls and I could kick myself for not getting pics.
Aside from seeing everyone the best part was the Harley ride.
Dumbest thing I did... we're zipping along and in my usual bright wisdom I blurt out... geez it looks just like upstate NY. Yes, I am that freaking dumb sometimes. Naturally I meant it looks like I remember (I was born near there) but that's not how it came out.
Looooooooooong arse trip to my sisters house. She lives near the Jersey shore. This little park is a short walk from her house. I think she lives in Brick but not 100%... I do know she lives on Tamiami Rd- y'all can go hunt her down and give her a kiss from her fave sis. Yes, I know I'm her only sis.
I met her husband and saw her kids whom I hadn't seen in longer than forever, all of them were very sweet (not like the sister I remember at all) JUST KIDDING, T! I love you.
We had a really good time, and dude, it's near the ocean! Feels like home.
Cassidy and Asialea are great friends, you should see how adorably they play together. Asia took over the camera for a while, but here's the only pic I can put up here. All of the rest are of boobs, butts and bellies. This is one of T's kitties... I don't know how many she even has, but this one almost held still long enough for Asia to snap.
Anyhoo to wear the kids out take them to the mall and let them go on the Merry-Go-Round. And round. And round.
Go to the kids clothing stores and swipe swipe swipe (left that up to Grandma Tracy) then head on over to Build-A-Bear.
Let Cass, Kimmy and Asia take for-freaking-evah to pick out just the right animal and accessories.
How cute is she making her wishes to put inside? It is truly one of those instants that will forever be etched in my brain.
Cass had to have her turn too. It was so sweet. Kimmy (Cassidy's mommy) made one as well but those pics didn't come out here- sorry, honey. Go to umm where the heck did we go to eat- some chain place that is famous for their burgers, I think. Oh- I am pretty sure it was Ruby Tuesday's. I had pasta, it was pretty good.
Let Mama take the kids back to the Merry-Go-Round and play area while we do a bit more shopping - Naturally Asia has to be on the upper level so I (yes, me, who doesn't know how to do the zoom thingy on my not cheap camera) don't get a great pic of her.
That, folks, is how you wear out the kids. Let them play and run (a LOT) and buy them stuff that they get uber excited about... so hyper that they have to (eventually) crash and burn. 5 minutes out of the parking lot they were deep in dreamland with their new furry friends.
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