Hey mom, is bread supposed to bounce?

We were going to have this super-amazing blog post for y’all about the fantabulous new recipe we found for Hawaiian Sweet Bread.
We absolutely LOVE Hawaiian Sweet rolls, bread, and now the new kinds they have for making sandwiches. What’s not to like, right? Well, they are kinda pricey, but other than that, perfection.
We thought SCORE! when Kyra found the recipe – reading it, it looked simple enough, especially with one of my great loves, my Kitchen Aid Pro to do the mixing and kneading for me.
First off, it took for-freakin’-evah to rise and even then not so much even though the yeast proofed fine.
The consistency seemed- off a bit- nothing I could quite put my finger on, just not the way my usual bread and rolls look, which I thought- well, maybe the potato flakes or something.
Anyhoo, it was not enough to make me say well needs this or that or whatever, and it did form into the- well not loaves as you put them into round baking pans.
They raised a bit more, even sitting in a warm (inside the turned off oven so no stray draft of a breeze from you know, us walking by or breathing on it would keep it from rising) :P for double the time but still PFFT! not doubled.
So, they rose a bit more in the oven when they baked, but… the outsides got brown way faster than the insides cooked. Yeah, so doughy, no big, just make sure they don’t brown too too much (the directions said you can put foil over if needed to prevent) and cook them a bit more.
They get done and a couple of the girls tasted (you can tell when something is… interesting, we… and yes, I’m awful, but I know they got this from me) passed it to the next and so on.
Why on earth do we do that, I wonder. Ewww taste this, it’s nasty! Uhh, no thanks. But I do it to the poor put-upon kiddos anyways.
Anyhow, verdict is flavor is pretty good (NOT like the packaged Hawaiian Sweet Bread that we buy, but good nonetheless) but it was DENSE. REALLY REALLY DENSE. You would have felt a lead ball in your belly if you actually ate as much as we do with the rolls or bread.
So, I go into the kitchen and see this bread sitting there, 3 round loaves with only a tiny sliver gone and 7 of us here, and 5 dogs that eat people food.
Not exactly a keeper.
Anyhoo I pick up the plate and dump the loaf into the trash can (which had just been emptied out) and it bounced up over the rim before falling back in.
We were all, including Dan, standing around the island and just looking at it, with dumbfounded looks of wonder and extreme puzzlement on our faces.
The mini diva picks up the next plate and dumps it in and it bounces, but not nearly as high, nor did it make such a wondrous thud.
Slightly disappointed, she turns to face me and says it’s not nearly as fun when they bounce off each other.
Verdict- NOT A KEEPER!, however, the cost of the ingredients and time and effort were worth it for that first glorious bounce.
Anyone have a *GOOD* recipe for Hawaiian Sweet Bread? (We love love love King’s Hawaiian Sweet Bread and Rolls, if that helps tell you our preference.)
Have y’all had anything come out… not quite how you expected but something about it made it worthwhile anyways?
*Disclaimer- the blonde (yes, the one in this post who blows up ovens and catches microwaves on fire) had NO part in this kitchen disaster other than having the less exciting bounce.

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