Great sites :) is this great site where people share their stories about good things that, well, give them hope. A couple of the really good ones:

"I work in a bank - a place where good news is hard to come by recently: Today I spoke with a gentleman who told me he needed to know how much money he had. When I asked if he had a large purchase coming up, he said yes. "I'm buying clothes for the man who asks me for a quarter every day on my way to school," he replies. This gentleman was 12. GMH"

"When I was at the store, a family couldn't afford all of the groceries they were going to buy. As they were putting the ones they could afford in their cart (which wasn't that much) the lady behind them said "I will pay for them." The family thanked her repeatedly. This happened 5 years ago and I still smile when I think about it. GMH."

"I was at the store and I saw a really attractive guy in his twenties in a wheelchair. Just as I was thinking how terrible it was that someone so attractive had to lead such a different life and depend on others...he held the door open for me."

You really need to check it out. It's very happymaking.

Another good site is People put Post-Its on mirrors and such with messages like "You're beautiful" or "You are perfect just the way you are." It's very good because people are far too hard on themselves and their bodies.

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