Big changes coming & add your giveaways here.

I've been messing around with the blog some - and I'm especially fond of the wicked cool collage puzzle I made- and you can expect even more upgrades soon.

Plus, since I've not been as diligent as I might have with this blog, I've added a Mr. Linky that I will keep up permanently HERE for y'all to add your contests and giveaways. I'm also enlisting the little divas' help to keep it current.

I've been so lucky with the wins, especially from fellow bloggers that I want to support everyone who hosts them and for now this is the best way I can since as previously mentioned, I can't or don't always blog daily.

And for those of you who just like to enter, bookmark this page and keep coming back so you can win the latest and greatest prizes!!!!! Then be sure to come back and tell me about them, I love hearing about others' wins almost as much as winning myself.
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