Back in the land of blogging.

Vacation went by very quickly- 4 weeks just seemed to slip away from me.
Had a wonderful time but it is good to be back home.
I've got a gazillion things to tell y'all about but naturally can't think of a one. ;)
The piccys I promised aren't uploaded yet but unless they somehow got deleted (yes I did let the littlest diva take it to school for a project) they will eventually make it to the blog*.
*disclaimer- I am not usually in charge of the pics in this family so there are a lot less than would be from someone who is the official photographer.
** another disclaimer- We have a LOT going on here what with graduation, getting ready for Dan's visit, Kyra and Ian trying to find new housing etc... so... not promising much of anything... and... it just SEEMS like we are not the most boring peeps on the planet... we still are, promise, we just have stuff happening now. *g*
Don't want to overwhelm anyone with my verbosity so I'll save the good stuff for a real post but wanted to say hi real quick- missed y'all guys!!!
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