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You would think, with five of us blogging here, that we'd get in at least a post a week. Sheesh. Mom's been out of the hospital--all stocked up on blood--for over a week now and nobody even blogged about it yet. LAZY is our collective middle name.
Firstly--my mommy's leaving me tomorrow. Grandma won a trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, and she invited mommy, so she's taking a few weeks in New Hampshire with Grandma too. She'll be gone for FOUR WEEKS! Most people my age would rejoice at this, but I happen to love my mommy. *whines* I wanna go too!
Dodie's (gamergirlie's) boyfriend Dan is coming from Austria on June 2nd, staying for three weeks. Squee! Ian has been saying "Unca Dan here?" every time a dog barks or we go near the door. Maybe we shouldn't have told him he was coming till a little later.
Speaking of Ian. The other night, KiKi was in the bathroom giving him a bath and she called me in, asked me for a new shirt and told me this story:
She and Ian were splashing each other (because what else are bubble baths for?) and he raised his left hand and said, "Splash with this one!" and splashed her.
Then he lifted his right hand. "Splash with this one!" and splashed her.
Then he stood up... "Splash with this one!" He giggled and proceeded to pee on her shirt.
When I heard the story I told Ian sternly that we don't pee on people because it's gross. He just laughed and said, "Peed on Mommy!" -_- That kid.
More importantly... I have the BEST sweet 16 ever planned! Y'know how I won that trip to LegoLand in San Diego this summer? Well, even though it's so close to the 4th of July (as in, my birthday's on the 3rd of July, a much more important date imo) we were able to get stuff booked around then. We'll take a plane to Cali on the 2nd. We're staying in a 5-star hotel (Loews, I believe) right across the street from the beach! Right on the bay- in a room with a bay view! We'll stay for 4 nights, even though we thought we only had 2. One of the days we'll hit LegoLand, and we might be able to hit the San Diego Zoo. We're content to be beach bums the rest of the time, soaking up sun and maybe even getting tans. Okay... so I haven't actually been anything beyond ghost-pale in who knows how long. But a girl can dream.
So basically I get to spend my sweet sixteen in a 5-star hotel on the beach and in places I've always wanted to go, with my family, who also happen to be my best friends. The trip's only for 4, and since KiKi has Ian and doesn't live with us she was voted off the island :(. I feel sorry for her, but I'm UBEREXCITED!
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