So, my mommy is not going to be happy with me

I -promised- to upload all of Casey's prom pics and video today... but then last night things started going wrong and life pretty much said "Haha, you lose". First, Aarons dad is sick so Aaron needs the car today, not a big deal just can't go see my sissys as planned. Then the washer and dryer break. Both of them. While I'm washing Aaron's work clothes. Just so you know, Aaron just had surgery for cleft lip/palate and had some hip bone put in his mouth, so he needs to wear sweats. He owns two pairs of sweats. I had to stay up until 3 making sure he had -something- to wear. I finally go lay down, rather sore because when I stress I get muscle inflammation, on top of -something- being wrong with my tubes or something causing me pain that the doctor is trying to figure out. I start to drift off.. and Ian wakes up. I settle him back down, lay down, alarm goes off for Aaron to go to work. Okay, fine. I finally get some sleep, wake up more sore, no car, needing parts to -hopefully- fix the dryer and still scared to look in the washer (I'm becoming handy! Ahh!) and Ian is sick. I think its just bad sinuses or a cold, but he doesn't feel good. And he wants cranberry juice, but all we have is grape.

So, yeah, no pictures today since the cord is at moms house. Instead I'm sitting on the couch with my boy, I've applied for jobs, checked my email, and now for one of my favorite escapisms ever... mentally planning my vacation. I'm hoping to win/save a trip to one of the Beaches resorts or a Disney cruise, something fun for everyone, where I can have fun OR relax. Ahh, that sounds fun. 

Pics of Casey to come, love you mommy lady!
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