Super-excited and making plans! Everything is falling into place.


I am so stinkin' excited I can hardly stand it.

We've been sick as dogs around here but getting by as best we can.

And finally, I felt up to booking my vacation tickets.
BTW anyone who thinks they are getting a better deal using a budget/discount travel site may not be.
I plugged my dates into several different sites to get the lowest fare, then went to the sites of the airlines themselves to make sure that was the best I could get as I am not getting a bundle (hotel and rental car inc).
There were a lot of different prices but the best option for me turned out to be Northwest which according to at least 4 (I might have done 5) discount sites was one of the higher ticket prices listed.
Seriously, Continental according to all of the sites had the best rates, then Southwest then US something or other... well, you get the idea.
The only reason I went to Northwest at all is because I have a WorldPerks number and turns out to be more than $130 less than the next cheapest price and only one stop as opposed to two.
Sheesh, you really do have to keep on your toes.

So, here are the plans...

April 16 I go to my mommy's which is MY IDEA of the perfect vacation- seriously she lives a super-easy walk from Hampton Beach in New Hampshire and her balcony (where I shall drink gallons and gallons of coffee each nice day) has a gorgeous view (yes, expect TONS of pics).

May 5th mama, me, my nephew Bill and his daughter Asia who I can't wait to see!!! in person finally and I fly to Orlando where we will be staying at the Loew's Royal Pacific Resort.

Aside from being a tropical paradise, the hotel has won numerous awards so I am sure we won't be disappointed.

We've got passes to the parks and UBER BONUS POINTS since we are staying at on on-site hotel the magical keys make it so we go to the head of the line! WOOT!!! Whatever the cost something like this if I can afford it is totally worth it to me.

While there are tons and tons of fun things to do, I am most looking forward to taking Asia to Seuss Landing. Dudes, it's Dr. Seuss come to life. How cool is that?

My brother and his 2 girls if they can will be meeting us- and hopefully we will also meet his new girlfriend. I've heard nothing but good things about her and if she makes him happy I love her already. So does mama.

On May 8th we go back to my mommy's for the final leg of my vacation. We will be chillaxin' until the 13th until I go home.

When I say it will be a vacation for me I mean we plan on no cooking, no have to's, nothing that we don't feel like doing (except mama will do the laundry, yes, even mine! and we'll clean her apt. once a week).

I think we can deal.

Have I mentioned that I am excited? ;-)

And that I intend to spend as much time as humanly possible at Dunkin' Donuts (we don't have any here and I love their bagels and veggie spread) and getting good PIZZA (again only adequate here).

Somewhere in all that my sister will come with my other great niece Cassidy Jordyn. Is that the best piccy of her bug-eyed self up top there or what?

I know, I know, it's not fair my family is so stinkin' cute but there you have it.

Man, I love my life and my family!

And all this before summer technically even starts. Anyone else getting excited and making plans?

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