Runefactory 2 Review

One of my Fave gaming series of all time is the Harvest Moon series, their farming sims. I know I know doesn’t sound fun right I mean farming? BUT the series is amazingly addicting fun and rewarding great for all ages. I received one of the newest installments for my DS Rune factory 2. Like all harvest moon games the core of this one is farming, unlike most harvest moon games this one has dungeon crawls and monsters. Keeping with the harvest moon series this game is mostly non violent yes you do whack monsters with a sword but you don’t kill them instead all weapons are enchanted with magic that returns monsters to their original home the forest of beginnings. Also instead of buying live stock you befriend the monsters to give you produce or help you with your farm chores. Also although you start out having to play as a guy after you get married and have a child you can choose to play as either a boy or a girl. Another new feature to the harvest moon series the story plays through two generations. And there is so much to do not just farming and dungeons but cooking item crafting making friends with the villagers quests(which really aren’t that special mostly fetch and carry but you do get good rewards from them) its bound to keep you busy for a while. Unfortunately there are a few things that keep this from being perfect. There are some graphical errors the game goes to a crawl if there are more then two characters on the screen. The music is fun and fits the scenes but gets annoying after awhile There is some voice acting in the game which is thankfully not used often. There are also some typing errors. My poor little girl keeps getting called Kyle. But nit picking aside this is a great game from a great series and I’m looking forward to the next installments.

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