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Devon is taking first year French and decided to do the Foreign Language Festival- She got 4 certificates, placed 2nd in speaking and is going on to state in 3 different categories (speaking, poetry, and reading). (They have to score 90% or above for this.) Yay, Geekazoid! Oh, and she is going to state with quizbowl so double yay, Geekazoid!

We thought Casey was getting used to her meds, but these last few days she's been getting tired and even dropping off in class again- teachers get kind of annoyed, but oh well, they will have to deal. It's the divas senior year for goodness sakes she doesn't want to miss out on everything.

Mama is moving to a smaller place- which I am very happy about. Since my nephew moved out the condo really is too much for her so she's getting a place one block from the ocean with a better view than she has now- it is on the third floor, there is an elevator right to her door and covered parking. There is even a tiny balcony which I cannot wait to drink my coffee on.
We have been chattering like magpies on the phone while she got everything straightened out (doing the inside work first then letting the Universe deliver).
We both cannot wait until my visit in April/May. It has been much, much too long.
I hope it is not too much longer before we find a way to be close to each other (and the ocean) all the time again.

Got the papers all faxed in and received official confirmation- Devon has been declared the winner for the Legoland trip, so we'll try to make that for Casey's graduation trip. Found out the Airport is San Diego so Ken will try to put enough back so that the girls and I can go to the zoo- something we've always wanted to do.

I know some of y'all don't do the whole convenience foods, but we do so and YUM did we find a good one- Toaster Strudels- okay what's not to love, right, flaky pastry and yummy goodness in and on top... our favorite was the cream cheese, but it now has a new rival- Boston cream. Delish!

All 4 of the girls went to see Coraline last night- LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it. Nothing but rave reviews. From Blondie- it's right up there with The Nightmare Before Christmas and she's never had this problem before.

Dawn very occasionally surfaces and she says Fallout 3 is one of the most awesome games ever- it has chainsaws. Her review will be coming soon (she actually has another review ready we'll get it on here eventually). Those of you with weak stomachs shouldn't read or play.

The dogs have been particularly cuddly and adorable, especially when it is colder (it goes between wear a t-shirt, wear a sweater and a jacket). I really need to get some pics of them on here- one of these days. I think we've got some pics we took for the blog still in the camera and I know there are some in Ki's but we just haven't.

The geekazoid was saying something about Mmm Bop a while ago so when I did a new playlist I got it to mess with her. Serves me right that the dang thing is now stuck in my head- that's okay, I made them listen enough it is frying their brains right along with mine.

Ian is at the cutest stage ever. OMG that boy is just such a doll and almost always happy and just a real piece of work. Man do I love that boy. And his mama.

I haven't been able to keep up with everyone, what's going on with y'all? Are you as ready for spring as I am?
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