Octo-nightmare, why can't I let it go? rant

I consider myself a fairly liberal, live and let live type of person and try not to judge harshly, I mean, God knows I've made my share of mistakes and have some colossal screw-ups to my name.

Most people consider me an eternal optimist- no matter how bad things get I will try to look for the good.

The octo-nightmare continues to haunt me, though, and I am not quite sure why I just can't let it drop.

I don't consider myself perfect or always right or claim to be the world's greatest mom but I know I don't deliberately harm or endanger my children.

My beliefs are just that, my beliefs and for the most part I genuinely believe people are doing the best that they can in any given moment.

I just can't believe that in this case, though, so maybe if I write through it I will figure out what bothers me so much and will be able to occupy my mind with things I choose to have in my life instead.

Okay, so here's what I know so far.

Ms. Suleman was a single mother of six living with her parents in a 3 bedroom home. (Hello, where do you think you will fit 8 more cribs, high-chairs, baby equipment, etc...)

Ms. Suleman has been living off of disability since 1999, claiming near total incapacity due to a back injury. (Umm sure and how exactly does one get a doctor to consider IVF for even the first child when you can't do for or help yourself let alone take care of a child. This one really, really bothers me as so many people with legitimate medical complaints can't get any assistance and yet here we can have these expensive voluntary medical procedures again and again and again. I really, really hope that this is looked into- disability fraud, last I heard, was not something that is taken lightly.)

Ms. Suleman has had multiple cosmetic procedures as evidenced by before and after photos. (When one is a parent living on student loans, disability payments and food stamps I'm not seeing where this fits into the grand scheme of things as this isn't what the intention of ANY of her income sources is for.)

Ms. Suleman has insisted she is not on welfare, yet the SSI she gets for her children and the food stamps are exactly that by definition. (Hello, money that you get from the government that is not earned is welfare in anybodies book. Now, I am not saying it is something one should be ashamed of when it is a temporary thing but when you are obviously milking the system...)

Ms. Suleman gets disability for 3 of her children because one has autism, one is slow and one has adhd. (HOW the frack does she do this??? I have friends and relatives that their children have SERIOUS, REAL medical issues such as needing braces and therapy and.... and they can barely get help if any. Sorry, but if those children get help it should be counseling not cash so mama can get a nose job or lip augmentation.)

Ms. Suleman insists she is not in it for financial gain yet she has hired a publicist, set up a website soliciting donations, gotten around the not getting paid for interview stuff by getting paid for the pictures and on and on. (Did you hear that food stamps and SSI people? Ms. Suleman got paid a LOT of money for those pics, are you counting those as income and reducing those benefits?)

Ms. Suleman has already gone on record as saying she wants her own reality show as a parenting expert and a hefty 2 million dollars. (OMFG *pauses a moment to hold her guts in cuz she's laughing so dang hard* Please, please, tell me no one is stupid enough to believe that this woman is an expert on anything but milking the system.)

Ms. Suleman has stated that she had the IVF again not so that she could have multiples (yeah, right) but because she was lonely. (Give me a break, anyone with 6 kids who is lonely is obviously so far off the deep end she doesn't need to be influencing any children... with only 4 fairly well spaced out children there are times I feel like I don't get a half a minute to myself.)

Oh, and food stamps and SSI go by income so how the heck did she manage to save up the massive amounts of money it takes? Somebody didn't tell the truth somewhere along the line and I hope they investigate and arrest her. (She didn't even tell her parents about her settlement just sponged off them like a blood-sucking leech.)

Oh, and I have heard the argument all children are a miracle and gift from God and blah blah ad nauseum, but there was NOTHING natural about how she conceived so this was science and medicine so it's not flying here.

Even if one bought Ms. Suleman's story that she only expected/wanted one more when she knew there were that many she had to have known (or been informed by her doctors) that there was no way in HE double hockey sticks that those children would be born at term and without medical and more than likely mental issues. Who, may I ask, since she is single and *cough cough hack hack* unable to work due to her severe disability is footing not only the birth and their initial hospital stay which is not exactly affordable, but the undoubted continued care they will need once they are released? The California taxpayers? Aren't they like issuing IOU's to those who are getting a state refund because they are broke? Umm yeah, if you have to pay for this lunatics poor judgment, I can see why you can't afford it.

I am not even able to comprehend how one person could feed all those children let alone change diapers and have all that so called quality time Ms. Suleman insists she is able to give each and every one of them each and every day. (And all this while going to school. Apparently I did everything wrong and suck as a supermom cuz even with a second parent and supportive friends and family I just don't see how it is possible.)

It baffles me how people can say she's a good mother and just wants love.

I feel sorry for her, I do.

I feel even more sorry for her children, all 14 of them.

But when even your own mother who was doing most of the raising of the 6 children you have says you are an irresponsible and mostly absent parent you aren't selling me your load of manure.

Then you have the doctor- what oh what was that doctor thinking? That he'd have a little piece of that multiple miracle moolah action, is my guess, because it certainly wasn't giving an infertile person or couple a child to love and cherish and care for. One with 6 children, no job, claiming she's too disabled to work living with her parents and off of the system... UMM WTF??? Yeah, right, I am thinking you won't be lasting long as a fertility specialist at least not in this country where some of us still care about things like ethics.

The publicist who is OUTRAGED at the backlash this lunatic has drawn and the lack of support from big sponsors and the public. HAHAHAHAHA talk about ambulance chaser for the pr crowd.

I could go on and on but I am going to leave it here before it gets any more depressing... well, one final thought.

I will not, nor will anyone I know, knowingly support or do business with any company who has the poor sense to reward this woman's cold calculated scheming. I will neither watch a show featuring her nor will I buy a product advertised on said show if anyone ever tells me who the advertisers are. She is no expert, she is an obviously mentally unbalanced woman who needs help, not children.

Ugh I don't know if this helped me any to get it out of my system, but I will post it and hope y'all will share your thoughts and opinions. I'm willing to look at all sides and hope I missed something because I really do want to believe the best of people, but I just can't and don't right now.
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