Fabulous things going on around here.

Things have been going pretty darn well here- Cas is getting used to the meds, Dev's been placing in her competitions, everything falling into place for my trip to mama's.
Our taxes aren't going to kill us near as much as we thought.
OT has picked back up some at Ken's work.
Ex's layoff was short lived and only 2 messed up paychecks.
Today we had some awesome news- Dan (Dawn's bf) is coming for a month at the end of May!!! to say we are excited is putting it mildly.
Well Dev has been a little freaked by all her commitments- she's in a lot of the pre-ap/advanced class and a lot due in the next few weeks she had a mini-meltdown but nothing major and it is now under control and she's feeling a lot better about things. (And not just because I told her she could take a mental health day off tomorrow.)
Anyways- she was up a bit late and checking her email- she WON A GRAND PRIZE TRIP to Legoland California for 4. She just had to send my (a parents) mailing info and I imagine we'll get the official paperwork sometime within the next week or so.
What's funny is I was talking to Dawn about us winning another trip soon - hopefully in time to make it a graduation trip for Casey before she starts Massage School.
While it may be geared to younger kids they could enter up til 16 and Dev was only 15 and I can assure you we aren't to mature to enjoy ourselves. ;-)
Dawn, Casey and I have been to Cali but it will be the first time for Dev- and the first time for any of us to this part.
Ken bless his heart will work and pay the taxes but miss out on all but knowing he makes it possible for us to have a good time... if he wanted to go I am sure we could pay for an extra but it is not his kind of thing, and he really is happy for us.
Life is good and keeps getting better and better.
So, what's going on in your neck of the woods?

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