Chi Baby

Last night we were at my mom's, it was well past bedtime and Monkey was EXHAUSTED... but he did NOT want to go home. My pathetic attempts to tell him the sooner we go home and go to bed the sooner we have breakfast with Gigi fell on deaf ears. Finally I decided to try something... it's worked twice before, surely it wont work again. "Ian, we need to go home so you can say goodnight to your baby" I held my breath and waited for the squalling rebuttal...
"Otay, home baby!"
at which point Dawn asks who his baby is...
"Chi baby"
No, it's not one of his baby dolls, bears, dinosaurs, giraffes, trains, elephants or other stuffed animals. It's his kitten, and I had nothing to do with it.

Chi is one of our two rescued cats. The first, Newbie, was saved from the side of the road when Ian was about half a year old. She's sweet now, but she started out nothing but spastic and a little mean... turns out she just needed a friend. We got Chi this summer... or maybe she got us. I first saw her at a friends house, she was hosting a baby shower, an Ian walks up "Kitty! Moma kitty!" holding this tiny grey ball of fluff... upside down. She didn't scratch or bite, just kinda went with it like it was the most natural thing. Ian set her down and she ran off... he was heartbroken. For the all of two minutes before she came back to see him again. It turns out someone had dumped a whole litter at my friends house after a storm, and this spunky girl was all that was left. Later, after Ian had gone home, I was informed(as kitten was sleeping on my lap, no less) by my friends father that if someone didn't take the kitten home THAT NIGHT, well... there would be no more kitten. And he wasn't bluffing... I took proof of this in the bunnies everyone else had for dinner... I think I'll stop that detail there. (I may never recover from the mental scarring!)

Needless to say, kitten came home with me. Also needless to say, Ian was thrilled. Now she just needed a name... Hubby and I went back and forth with all kinds of names, from ones for her looks such as Ashe, to geeky names to match Newbie like Leet and pwn. Then Ian started calling her Chi. Don't know where he came up with it... just did. It's the first time he named anything on his own... and what better name for a hyper kitten then something that means energy?

Not long after we had Chi, Ian who was still completely enamored with her started calling her his baby. Again, all on his own... we never called her a baby at all let alone his. He also tried to carry her in his little box he uses for special treasures... that one was cute too but I don't think Chi appreciated it so much. It's amazing how much he loves her, the whole way home last night he was saying "Chi baby, see Chi baby, Chi baby bed time, ninight, love my Chi baby"

Anyways, I just had to share that bit of cuteness!
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